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The Crushing Chamber Improvement of Pebble Jaw Crusher

Jan 30 2015

Pebble jaw crusher has been the most prominent of many broken equipment for a long time. It has the advanced technology, reasonable structure, simple maintenance, and so on. However, it still has some defects in the actual operation, which affects its function. This article will introduce you the crushing chamber improvement of pebble jaw crusher.

The improvement reason: the shape of crushing chamber directly affects the productivity, product particle size, power consumption and service life of pebble jaw crusher. In China, most of pebble jaw crusher still uses the straight-toothed crushing cavity which is low productivity, high energy consumption, easy to plug, large and uneven particle size, etc., bringing great economic losses of enterprises.

The improvement method: combining foreign technology and traditional production experience, our company has done a lot of research work and has developed a new type of crushing cavity. It has been used in some small type pebble jaw crusher in the actual production. Practice has proved that when swinging times of the movable jaw is same, the curved crushing cavity has higher crushing ratio, more uniform product size, higher productivity, less abrasion, lower energy consumption and less over crushing phenomenon that the line crushing chamber.

In addition, there should be parallel in the lower part of the pebble jaw crusher’s crushing chamber. The length of the area shall be determined in accordance with the actual situation. The parallel can prevent material from clogging too many and jacking up the machine. Besides, it can also protect the crushing chamber and liner from being worn.

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