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Derusting Methods of Cobble Jaw Crusher

Jan 30 2015

Since the working place of the cobble jaw crusher is always in the open air, parts exposed in the air are inevitable rusted, especially after a long time of using. Therefore, users must master some derusting methods of cobble jaw crusher. Followings are some suggestions.

Chemicals derusting

Chemicals derusting refer to remove stains with the help of some chemicals. When use this method to derust stains, operators must do it according to the suggested steps. Because if the chemical is excessive, it is likely to cause the chemical reacting with parts, causing damage to the cobble jaw crusher and even the occurrence of safety accidents.

High-pressure water abrasive rust

Water has a big force in high-pressure, so stain can be removed by the high-pressure water. And the derusting process can not produce any dust pollution. Besides, the power of the water has no harm to the cobble jaw crusher. And the derusting efficiency is very high. It is a good way to derust stains of the cobble jaw crusher.

Electric or derusting method

Derust stains with electricity or compressed air. This is a kind of semi-mechanized derusting method, but it can not realize optimized treatment. Its adaptability and initiative are strong. It can be used anywhere.

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