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The Maintenance Points of Lime Jaw Crusher

Jan 30 2015

Lime jaw crusher is suitable for crushing limestone, dolomite, granite, quartzite, sandstone, and other kinds of rocks. It is the best choice as the primary crushing equipment of these materials. Since the vibration of the lime jaw crusher is very big when it works, so it is usually installed on the concrete foundation. Except for installation, maintenance is also an important job to the normal operation of the equipment. Followings are the maintenance points of lime jaw crusher.

Daily inspection of the lime jaw crusher

In the daily work of the lime jaw crusher, users must regularly check all components of the equipment to see whether there an abnormal noise, whether the lubrication is sufficient, whether there is leakage of lubricant, whether the fastening parts are loose, whether the temperature of the bearing is too high or not, and so on.

Daily adjustment of the lime jaw crusher

After the lime jaw crusher has worked for a period time, adjust the discharge port of the equipment to make it meet the requirement of the particle size, turn the worn liner around and so on.

Daily repair of the lime jaw crusher

Periodically check the important parts of the lime jaw crusher, like the eccentric shaft, spindle, jaw thrust plate, liners, bearings and other components. If any of them are worn or broken, repair or replace them and ensure the efficient and stable work of the equipment.

Periodic cleaning of the lime jaw crusher

After the lime jaw crusher has worked for a long time, there will be oil and other debris on the surfaces of some components, which may affect the normal work of the equipment. The oil spare parts can be cleaned by putting them into the cleaning pool.

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