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Material Feeding and Discharging of Jaw Crusher for Coal

Jan 31 2015

Material feeding and discharging of jaw crusher for coal directly affects the working efficiency of the equipment. The followings are material feeding and discharging analysis of jaw crusher for coal.

Material feeding

1. The best feeding situation is that raw materials can be evenly covered with crushing cavity. The working efficiency of jaw crusher for coal is the maximum at this time. Therefore, the correct feeding way is that feed raw material by feed plate, which can ensure material being distributed evenly along the entire crushing cavity. Besides, it can also minimize the wear of jaw crusher for coal’s liner.

2. Before feeding, pre screen raw material and screen out the fine and sticky materials mixed in the raw materials, which will prevent the jaw crusher for coal from jamming. In addition, a metal detector should be installed to prevent impurities like iron into the crushing cavity.

3. Control the feed speed during operation. If the feeding speed is too fast, some raw materials will fall down to the bottom of the crushing chamber before being crushed, which will lead to the serious wear of the mainframe.

Material discharging

1. The discharge device of jaw crusher for coal should be equipped with baffles in order to absorb most of the impact energy of materials before them falling down in the equipment, increasing the service life of jaw crusher for coal. If the discharge device uses a funnel, its inclination of the horizontal plane must be greater than 45 o. And if material is sticky, the inclination should increase.

2. There should be some space left between the main frame and the nesting chamber, and the discharge gate and belt conveyor or the elevator to prevent material clogging the discharge channel.

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