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The Heat Treatment Process of Fluorite Jaw Crusher

Feb 02 2015

Jaw plate plays a very important role in the operation of fluorite jaw crusher. If manufacturers want to ensure the productivity of fluorite jaw crusher, they need to focus on the manufacturing process of its jaw plate. This article will introduce the heat treatment process of fluorite jaw crusher to you.

Water toughening treatment

Water toughening process is a commonly used method to treat jaw plates of fluorite jaw crusher. This process refers to the following operations: firstly heating a high-manganese steel to 1000 degrees Celsius, and then cooling it with cold water to activate austenitic and increase the wear resistance of jaw plate.

Explosion hardening treatment

The advantage of explosion hardening treatment is that the wear resistance of jaw plate can be improved in a short time. Its principle is that when the jaw plate is explosion hardening processed, a high pressure will be produced on the jaw plate in a very short period of time, and then a hardening layer will be formed on the surface of the jaw plate. After the explosion hardening treatment, the toughness of the jaw plate will be improved twice times, and its wear resistance can be increased by 50%.

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