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What Should be Paid Attention to Replace a Liner of Dolomite Jaw Crusher?

Feb 02 2015

Liner is one of the main parts of dolomite jaw crusher. But in the work of dolomite jaw crusher, there will be inevitable failures shown like wear, breakage, and so on. The liner of dolomite jaw crusher should be replaced at this time. In order to ensure that the liner replaced can work effectively, this article will introduce you matters needing to pay attention to when replace the liner of dolomite jaw crusher,

1. Before replacing the new liner, firstly check whether the eccentric shaft diameter accords with the standard requirement or not, and then install the new bushing.

2. When you replace the liner, check the jaw plate and the mating surface of liner, rub off any nicks or burrs on the fixed jaw and movable jaw, clean the rust on the new liner, and make sure the new liner can conform closely to the jaw plate without a gap.

3. When assembling the movable jaw plate, firstly pull on every tooth plate, and then weld every supporting steel plate on the jaw. Press tightly the upper clamping wedge and maintain the gap between the clamping wedge and jaw at 10-20mm. when assembling the fixed jaw plate, firstly check the worn situation of the iron stopping device on the lower part of the frame, guarantee the end of the liner and the iron stopping device to contact well, and the liner can be installed.

4. After the replacement of the liner, completely examine the dolomite jaw crusher. Check the contact situation of the jaw plate and liner if they are loose? So that can reduce wear or break of the liner, prolonging the liner's service life.

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