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How to Handle It after the Hammer of Rock Impact Crusher Being Worn?

Feb 04 2015

The hammer of rock impact crusher will be worn and torn in different degree after using for a period of time. If it is worn lightly, we can repair it to reduce costs. This article will introduce several handling methods of rock impact crusher’s worn hammer.

1. Surfacing the bottom of the worn hammer: surface a group of worn hammers together to reduce the overheating phenomenon. When weld them, divide every hammer into 4 even sections, and then weld them one by one in turn. And every one is welded with one piece, so this process should repeat four times.

2. Handle the worn place: After surfacing, when the thickness of the wear-resisting layer is thicker than 25mm, it needs to weld a transition layer with common electrode. The welding sequence is in the same order with the surfacing sequence.

3. Weld a bulkhead on the surface of the worn hammer: vertically put 8 isolation plates on the surface of rock impact crusher’s hammer to prevent it from cracking. The isolation plates is made of 0235 steel plates with thickness for 1-20mm. The height of the isolation plates is in accordance with the wear of hammer. The distance among isolation plates is 10MM. the distance from the hammer and the two sides isolation plates is about 20mm. and there is a proper chamfer on its top.

4. Bead welding the wear-resisting layer: the first two layers is partition welded to prevent the mother plate from overheating. Then lay down the hammer and equate its side surface. And continue to use welding rods welded at a time. The weld thickness is 1-20mm. The surface pattern of hammer is welded with big current to form it in accordance with template.

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