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The Dust Catcher Design Scheme of Horizontal Impact Crusher

Feb 04 2015

Dust pollution mainly refers to the heterogeneous system formed by dust particles and air. The dust catcher of horizontal impact crusher uses the principle is settlement separation principle. Dust and air relatively move in a gravity field and achieve separation purposes according to the different densities of dust particles and air. So the design point of dust catcher is expanding the passage area and reducing air speed to get the purpose of multi-stage separation. This article will introduce you the dust catcher design scheme of horizontal impact crusher in detail.

1. Design according to the grain terminal velocity: the first design step of the dust catcher room is that calculate the terminal velocity of dust in the air. As a pre-dedusting device, the dust catcher of horizontal impact crusher just needs to remove dust with particle size of 0.008mm or more. Calculate the velocity at room temperature, and distinguish flow pattern of settlement.

2. Consider the level passing speed of airflow: according to measure by experiment, we know that the airflow produced by the horizontal impact crusher is about 0.5~0.8m3/s. So that the maximum installation height should be <700m, width should be <800m, and the airflow speed is between u=0.89~1.43m/s.

3. Determine the dimension of an individual dust catcher chamber: if the cross-sectional area of airflow is reduced, the airflow speed will increase, which is bad for removing the dust. So the dimension of an individual dust catcher chamber is as follows: width =750mm, high =550mm, and the maximum speed of airflow is u=1.94m/s. The length of chamber is mainly determined by the time spending on the dust settling down. From all of above, we determine the size of the dust chamber is: length x width x height =6500mmx750mmx550mm.

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