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How to Install Impact Rotary Crusher in a Correct Way?

Feb 05 2015

Installation is the most important job before the working of impact rotary crusher. Correct installation of the impact rotary crusher can ensure the normal work of the equipment and reduce failures in the operation. Therefore, impact rotary crusher has a serious requirement to its installation. This paper will introduce you the installation requirements of impact rotary crusher.

1. Since the motor of impact rotary crusher vibrates seriously, all fasteners of it shall be fastened during installation and before commissioning. And these fasteners shall be regularly checked and fasten them timely. In addition, during the installation, pay attention to the rotary direction of the impact rotary crusher.

2. After the installation of motor, we should equip a transmission shield for it according to the installation situation. The clearance between the impact plate and hammer shall be adjusted near on the basis of actual production. After adjustment, operators should turn the rotor for several rounds and see whether there is a hit.

3. After adjustment, tighten the sleeve nut to prevent it loosening when the counterattack plate vibrates.

4. Since the outlet of the impact rotary crusher is at the bottom of the equipment, so users must pay attention to the installation height of it and how to cooperate with feeding and discharging devices.

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