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What Causes the Clogging of Ore Impact Crusher?

Feb 05 2015

Ore impact crusher is a new type high efficient crushing machine which is mainly used for processing materials with a compressive strength of not more than 350MPa and side length of not bigger than 500 mm, like granite, limestone, concrete and so on. Ore impact crusher is welcomed by users after birth. But there is a clogging phenomenon happening on it after a long time working. In order to solve this problem, this article will give you a specific analysis of reasons causing the clogging of ore impact crusher and their solutions.

1. The feeding speed is to fasten, leading to the overload of the ore impact crusher. For this situation, operators need to pay attention to the pointing of the ammeter. Once the deflection angle is too large, it means that the ore impact crusher is overload. Operators need to stop the equipment in time to adjust it.

2. The hammer of the ore impact crusher is broken. If the feeding size of raw material is consistent with ore impact crusher's request but the key working part of the equipment hammer is broken, the working efficiency of the equipment also will decreasing, causing the clogging of ore impact crusher. When users ensure there is no problem on other parts of the equipment, they can stop the ore impact crusher to check whether its hammer is really broken or not. If it is, require it immediately.

3. The moisture of raw material is too big. If raw materials are too wet, they are sticky and easily cause clogging. For this situation, the ore impact crusher can be equipped with a heating device at the feed chute and counterattack to prevent materials from bonding together.

4. The particle size of the finished product is too large. According to our years of actual production experience, if the outlet particle size is too large, it also can cause the clogging of the ore impact crusher, especially after the equipment having continuously work for a long time. For this situation, operators should stop feeding and adjust the outlet particle size after raw materials in the crushing chamber have been crushed.

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