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The Two Main Insurance Device of Stone Impact Crusher

Feb 06 2015

During the work of stone impact crusher, stone impact crusher may inevitably meet some un-crushed materials. In order to protect the equipment from damage, an insurance device is always required to be installed at the inlet. This paper will introduce you the two main insurance device of stone impact crusher to make you have a deep understanding.

1. Hydraulic insurance device: hydraulic insurance device has a compact structure and reliable work. Un-crushed materials can be discharged naturally and the mobile jaw can recover automatically, no parking, so it has been widely used. But it must have a dedicated hydraulic system, and has high requirements to the relative hydraulic components and hydraulic seal parts. Otherwise, oil leakage will be prone to happen.

2. Bracket insurance device: since the bracket insurance device is the simplest and cheapest part in the stone impact crusher, it has gotten a wide application. In the crushing process, when there is something wrong happened, the bucket will be broken at first, thereby achieving the purpose of insurance. When the bracket is broken, the equipment will be forced to stop. The stone impact crusher can work until a new bracket insurance device is installed. The disadvantage of bracket insurance device is that since the design is not reasonable, the bracket usually can not be broken when the stone impact crusher is overload, affecting the normal production. Therefore, when you design the bracket insurance device of stone impact crusher, firstly determine the biggest pressure caused by the crushing force, so as to build a bracket with high sensitivity of an overload failure.

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