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The Operation Considerations of Kaoline Jaw Crusher

Feb 06 2015

Kaoline jaw crusher is a large scale mining machine to crush large boulders. Its operation has a certain degree of risk, so operators must have protective measures at work. And carry out regular maintenance in order to avoid security risks. This article will elaborate on the operation considerations of kaoline jaw crusher.

The comprehensive inspection of kaoline jaw crusher before the start

1. Before the start, comprehensively inspect the equipment carefully, such as missing or damaged parts, if there is a wrong part, it must be promptly replaced.

2. Check whether the bolts and fasteners are loose. If they are loose, they should be dealt with promptly.

3. Check whether ores or debris exist in the crushing cavity or not, if there is, clean it up and make sure that the device cavity is empty before starting.

4. Check whether the protective device is able to work or not. At last, add sufficient lubricant to the kaoline jaw crusher and ensure there is no oil leakage.

The maintenance of kaoline jaw crusher in the operation process

1. The kaoline jaw crusher must start empty. Raw materials can be fed only ensure that the equipment is well in no-load operation. If there are any problems in the no-load operation, kaoline jaw crusher must be stopped, checked, and repaired before it can load.

2. After the kaoline jaw crusher runs normally in the no-load operation, feed raw materials to the equipemnt from less to more, gradually until the equipment runs full loads. In the normal working process, the materials feeding must be uniform, continuous, and quantitative.

3. The temperature of kaoline jaw crusher can not exceed 70 ℃ when it is running. If the temperature is too high, it should be shut down and dealt with promptly.

4. Periodically check the wear and tear of wearing parts. For the damaged parts, replace and maintain them timely.

5. Check the belt regularly, if it is worn seriously or there are debris stuck in the conveyor belt, operators must process them timely.

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