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The Instruction of Jaw Gravel Crusher

Feb 06 2015

Jaw gravel crusher is very competitive in the mining and crushing equipment market. It is cost-effective, and has a high performance, so it gets a good reputation in the vast number of consumers at home. I will introduce you the instruction of jaw gravel crusher with the purpose of serving the public.

1. Jaw gravel crusher needs to be better prepared before starting work, especially inspection. The inspection contents include the lubrication of the equipment, the fasteners for tightness, the v-belt’s tension, the wearing parts, and debris in the crushing chamber.

2. After inspection, if everything is ok, When start the jaw gravel crusher, users should start the motor first, and turn on the switch of the jaw gravel crusher until the motor runs stably.

3. After starting, the jaw gravel jaw crusher needs to empty run for a few minutes. The crushing operation can be started until the equipment runs stably. When feed to the jaw gravel crusher, operators should specially pay attention to the feeding speed, not too fast or too slow, keeping uniform feeding. And chunks of material or a piece of iron cannot be brought in to the crushing cavity to avoid damage to parts.

4. In the working process, operators should regularly check the bearing temperature, the lubrication conditions, and the wear and tear of parts. Maintain a certain amount of space when you check the jaw gravel crusher to avoid item popping and hurt you.

5. When the jaw gravel crusher is working, do not take any raw materials out or adjust locations of large size materials to avoid accidents.

6. Before the downtime of jaw gravel crusher, you must first stop feeding, and you can not stop the motor until materials in the crushing cavity are completely crushed.

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