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What Functions Does Mining Rotary Kiln Have?

Feb 07 2015

Mining rotary kiln includes cement rotary kiln, lime kiln, metallurgy chemical kiln and so on. Its main role is calcinations. But is mining rotary kiln only used to burning? What functions does mining rotary kiln exactly have? This paper will introduce you all functions of mining rotary kiln.

1. Plays a role as a delivery: mining rotary kiln is an inclined rotating cylinder (the slope is generally 3%-5%). Raw materials are added from the higher end of the cylinder (the kiln). During the continuous rotation of mining rotary kiln, raw materials gradually move from high-end to low-end. In this process, mining rotary kiln plays a role as a delivery device.

2. Mining rotary kiln is a combustion device: fine ground coal powder is injected inside the mining rotary kiln by the blower at the end of the kiln. Heat produced by burning transfers to raw materials in three basic ways radiation, convection and conduction. As combustion equipment, mining rotary has vast space and thermal field which can provide enough air for the burning, and fine combustion apparatus which can ensure coal powders full combustion to provide necessary head for the clinker.

3. Mining rotary kiln has the function of hot swap feature. Mining rotary kiln has a field with uniform temperature to meet the heat exchanging requirement at all stages of cement clinker forming process.

4. Mining rotary kiln has reaction function. There is a series of physical and chemical reaction in the clinker forming process. Mining rotary kiln can be phased to meet the requirements of heat, and temperature needed in the forming process of different minerals. It is ideal equipment for chemical reactors.

5. The function of degradation from waste: since mining rotary kiln has a high temperature and thermal field where air can stay for a long time, it can be used to degrade toxic and hazardous wastes discharged in chemicals, pharmaceuticals and other industries. And at the same time, mining rotary kiln can make most of the heavy metals cured in the clinker, producing stable salts and avoiding secondary pollution produced by "incinerator".

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