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Ten Daily Maintenance Skills of Grinding Ball Mill

Feb 07 2015

As we all know, maintenance is very important for equipment. So is grinding ball mill which is the key equipment for grinding various ores and other materials. In order to facilitate the better use of grinding ball mill, here are ten daily maintenance skills of grinding ball mill summarized by Fote machinery experts.

1. In the working process of the grinding ball mill, the lubricant temperature of its main bearing can not exceed 55 degrees Celsius.

2. For all lubricants, they must be cleaned out after continuous operation for one month in the grinding ball mill. And those lubrication parts need to be cleaned and lubricated with new oil. After the first thoroughly replacement, lubricants in the equipment can be changed once every 6 months.

3. The lubrication situation and the height of lubricating oil for all parts should be checked at least every 4 hours.

4. After grinding ball mill operates normally, the temperature of its bearing and reducer can not exceed 55 degrees centigrade, and the maximum temperature can not exceed60 degrees centigrade.

5. After a period time of use, check the fasteners of grinding ball mill whether they are loose or not, and whether there is oil, material, water leakage or not.

6. When the gear surface of big gear is worn to a certain degree, it can be reused by turning around.

7. When bolts of liner are broken and causes the liner loose, they must be replacement immediately.

8. When the grid plate of grinding ball mill is worn to the degree that can not be welded any more, it must be replaced timely.

9. When the liner of grinding ball mill is worn about 70% or there is a 70mm long crack on the surface of the liner, it should be replaced with a new one.

10. If there are any abnormal phenomena found in the working process, the grinding ball mill should be stopped and repaired immediately.

In addition, besides the above described ten maintenance skills, users are suggested to provide regular small, medium and overhaul maintenance of the grinding ball mill. For any failures or potential faults of the equipment, they must be in time eliminated in order to ensure the normal operation.

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