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The Operational Considerations of Quarry Jaw Crusher

Feb 07 2015

In order to make quarry jaw crusher work stably and efficiently and try to prolong its service life, maintenance and inspection must be well done in the using process. T his article will talk about the operational considerations of quarry jaw crusher to help users for better using it.

1. In order to prevent quarry jaw crusher from rusting or damage, it has better to be placed in the environment that does not leak.

2. When adjust the outlet of the quarry jaw crusher, the tension spring must be adjusted well. The correct operation is that: adjusting the front of the outlet, firstly loosing the tensioning spring, and then adjusting the tension of spring after the outlet adjustment having been finished (the best tension is that it can eliminate the noise between toggle plate and brackets mat and is not easy to fall off while at work).

3. Before commissioning, tighten the screws and joining parts of quarry jaw crusher. And check all parts whether they are installed well and whether there are missing parts. At last carefully check the lubrication of all parts.

4. When empty commissioning, there should be any impact, noise, oil leaking phenomena at seals , or loose phenomena in swing pulley and shaft in two hours.

5. Quarry jaw crusher can be used to normal production after empty testing for 10 hours. There should be any anomalies in these 10 hours.

6. When the quarry jaw crusher is stopped, operators should stop feeding first and turn off motor after raw materials in the crushing chamber are completely discharged.

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