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The Lubrication Considerations of Dry Magnetic Separator

Feb 28 2015

Lubrication is very important to the normal operation of dry magnetic separator. Besides, well lubrication can prolong the using life of dry magnetic separator. What matters need to be paid attention to when dry magnetic separator is lubricated? This paper will introduce you the lubrication considerations of dry magnetic separator. Let’s discuss it in details.

1. The lubricating greases must conform to established brands. When use alternative lubricating greases, their characteristics must be not lower than the prescribed oil’s.

2. The lubricating greases must be kept clean, and be stored by special containers. The containers can not be exposure to open-air and must be put in a place with a certain temperature which shall not exceed the prescribed storage temperature.

3. The nozzle of dry magnetic separator must be clean before filling. When the oil hole is plugged, it must be immediately cleaned. If it can not be handled promptly, it should be reported in time.

4. At last, the lubricating device of dry magnetic separator must be complete and fully equipped.

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