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Technical Features of Small Dry Magnetic Separator

Feb 28 2015

Small dry magnetic separator is a magnetic separator used to automatically and continuously remove iron from non-magnetic powder material. In the inner of it, there is a unique, scientific and ingenious design of magnetic circuit which is composed of permanent magnets with different properties. These permanent magnets are strong and have a high iron removing ability. Small dry magnetic separator has the advantages of high purity, low energy consumption and maintenance, convenient operation and so on. It is mainly used for the enrichment of soft magnetic minerals in desert sand, river sand, and sea sand. There are mainly three technical features of small dry magnetic separator as follows:

1. The rotary roller is made of stainless steel and be handled with special technique. The separation roller is not only convenient to be replaced but also has a long service life.

2. The unique design of the magnetic circuit endows the small dry magnetic separator a strong magnetic field and reasonable gradient, which is particularly advantageous to recycle for low grade ore.

3. The structure of small dry magnetic separator is compact, so that it can be dragged on the ground. Besides, the working area of small dry magnetic separator is large, so that its production efficiency is high, and running costs is low.

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