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The Development Opportunity of Iron Alloy Jaw Crusher

Mar 01 2015

From the present situation of iron alloy jaw crusher, its manufacture develops rapidly, which grows far beyond the similar other sectors. Iron alloy jaw crusher has a good development from research to use. This paper will discuss the development opportunities of iron alloy jaw crusher. it is mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

1. Iron alloy jaw crusher market in China has become a hotspot of the international crushing equipment manufacturers. Since the upgrading of iron alloy jaw crusher is relatively fast, especially small crusher whose life expectancy is only 3 to 5, annual domestic replacing iron alloy jaw crusher is 20% of the demand. It provides a strong momentum for the rapid development of iron alloy jaw crusher.

2. Infrastructure construction has become one of the top priorities now. So there will be a lot of construction debris produced in the infrastructure-building process. At present, construction waste in our country is 35% of the total municipal solid waste. In accordance with the standard of 550 tons/square projections, the new GFA will be approximately 30 billion square meters by 2020 in our country. Iron alloy jaw crusher will play a major role in building waste recycling process.

3. Besides, 10-year plan of western development and post-disaster reconstruction will raise the demand for iron alloy jaw crusher. As our country continues to expand domestic demand increase of infrastructure construction, iron alloy jaw crusher manufacture flourishes too.

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