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The Working Principle of Track Mobile Crusher

Mar 01 2015

Track mobile crusher is manufactured with the most advanced technology. It is widely used for crushing and shaping metal and non-metallic ore, building material, artificial sand and metallurgical slag. Track mobile crusher has many advantages in the crushing quality and efficiency of materials, energy saving, dust collection, service life, and so on. How does track mobile crusher work? Following is the working principle of track mobile crusher.

1. When the track mobile crusher works, ores directly drop on the turntable from upper part of the machine. The turntable rotates at a 1400-3600r/min speed. Ores falling into the crushing chamber fly out like bullets due to centrifugal force, and while other ores drop on the turntable in an umbrella shape way, so that the flying ores and dropping ores form “stone hit stone”.

2. There are big collisions among high speed ores, so that ores are crushed in this process. In the movement of the track mobile crusher, there is a parabolic layer naturally formed close to the inner wall of the equipment by moving ores, which can protect the track mobile crusher from being worn.

3. Stones will make two times of circular arcs reflowing movement between chassis and the rotary table after they hitting each other, so that the ores can be hit by many times. And ores become smaller and smaller after hitting times after times. Then the moving stones form a constant cloud of suspended particles, and these suspended particles makes many other forms of exercise in the crushing chamber.

4. After the moving suspended particles maintain this situation about 5-20s, they will fall off the crushing chamber by its own gravity, and then they will be discharged thought the three discharge hole on the rotary table, finishing the crushing operation and going to the next step.

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