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The Operation Points for Attention of Mini Mobile Crusher

Mar 01 2015

Mini mobile crusher is an efficient crushing machine using high-speed rotating hammerhead to effectively and quickly crush raw materials. It has been widely applied in coal, power, building materials, chemical, metallurgical, non-metallic mine, and other industries and been favored by users because of its simple operation, stable running, big production capacity, flexible movement, etc. Correct operation is the permission for the successful work of mini mobile crusher. For this, this article will introduce you the operation points for attention of mini mobile crusher.

1. Only after mini mobile crusher has normally worked, raw materials can be fed in. And the raw materials need to be evenly fed into the crushing chamber. Besides, lateral feeding and full feeding must be avoided to forbid unilateral overload or withstand overload.

2. In the crushing process, if the mini mobile crusher can not run because of material obstruction, the equipment must be powered off and stop working. It can be started again only after materials in the crushing chamber having been cleaned.

3. When the mini mobile crusher normally works, the temperature of its bearing must be always paid attention to. The temperature increase should not exceed 30 degrees centigrade. And the highest temperature should not exceed 70 ℃. If any temperatures are beyond the above values, the bearing may have a fever. The mini mobile crusher must be immediately stopped. Users should identify the reasons and clear them before starting the equipment. Besides, the lubrication of the bearing also needs to be cared. Users should timely add right amount clean lubricant to keep the normal work of the bearing.

4. After the mini mobile crusher has been worked for a period of time, users should pay attention to check the wear of its hammer head and liner. If they are worn seriously, they must be promptly replaced. And check he attachment bolts and adapter bushes for loose avoid damage the machine.

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