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Stain Removal Tips of Vertical Compound Crusher

Mar 01 2015

Since vertical compound crusher is manufactured with special materials, when it is put in the air for a long time under high humidity environment, there will be a layer of stain produced on the surface of the cylinder. How to remove rust on the surface of vertical compound crusher? This paper will introduce you several stain removal tips of vertical compound crusher.

High-pressure water rust cleaning method

It means that remove stains coating on the plates by the impact function of high pressure water. The advantages of this method are that no dust pollution, no damage to the steel plates, high efficiency, and good removing quality. But, the steel plates are easy to return to rust after cleaning. And the operation cost is high.

Small electric derusting device

This derusting manner is powered by electricity or compressed air. The derusting device makes a reciprocating or rotary motion. This method is simpler to operate, and rust well. Besides, its cost is relatively low. And it is suitable for a variety of uses.

Paint oxidation resistant paint

This is the easiest method for removing stains of vertical compound crusher. Operators just need coat a layer of mineral oil, or paint on the surface of the vertical compound crusher, and then a layer of dense oxide film will form so as to prevent the equipment to contact with substances such as water, air, and so on. This derusting manner is cheap and has obvious results.

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