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What Raw Materials Can be Crushed by Mobile Mine Crusher

Mar 02 2015

Mobile mine crusher is widely applied in metallurgical, building materials, chemical, and light, agricultural, cement, environmental, and many other industries because of its simple structure, convenient maintenance, long using life, high production efficiency, etc. Its development prospect is broad, and it has created big economic for social. What raw materials can be crushed by mobile mine crusher? This article will give you a comprehensive summary.

1. Rocks and stones: like sandstone, limestone, granite, quartz, marble, syenite and shale, trachyte, Tuff, gneiss, veined quartz, Slate, serpentinite, basalt, marl, amphibolite, pyroxenite, diorite, gabbro, diabase, dolomite, olivine, chalk and shale rocks, andesites, perlite, and hard rock.

2. Minerals and ores: such as barite, alcite, electrical stone, brucite, Flash stone, otassium long stone, Silicon line stone, orthoclase, zeolite, blue spar, talc, leech stone, maifan stone, Topaz, cassiterite, rutile, pyrophyllite, long stone, ice Chau stone, FAI long stone, Chardonnay stone, rose pyroxene, asbestos, Mica, Whitehead mine, natural oil stone, Tianhe stone, sodium long stone, gypsum, borax, fluorite, gypsum mine, and e gravel.

3. Elements class: like limestone, arsenic ores, minerals, potassium ores, phosphorites, natural iodine sulphur ore, ore, sulphur, silica, phosphate rock, magnesium bromide mineral, carbonate salt ores, pyrites, boron ores, apatite, magnesite rock, etc.

4. Clays: bentonite, kaolin, cinders, laterite, common clay, chamotte, Diatomite, attapulgite clay, ceramic clay, volcanic ash, and rectorite clay, illite clay, and meerschaum clay.

5. Non-metallic minerals: abrasives, graphite, carbon, silicon carbide and etc.

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