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Routine Maintenance of Iron Ore Mobile Crusher

Mar 02 2015

Since the workload of iron ore mobile crusher is heavy, and its work environment is generally compared bad, so routine maintenance of iron ore mobile crusher is much important. The routine maintenance of iron ore mobile crusher not only can avoid big fault from appearing, but also can improve the production efficiency of it and ensure the good running of it. How to do the routine maintenance of iron ore mobile crusher well? This article will solve this problem in the following parts.

Minor overhaul

Regularly check the lubrication of all main parts for iron ore mobile crusher. And regularly replace lubricants. When replace lubricants for iron ore mobile crusher, users must guarantee the quality of lubricants and select suitable lubricants according to the weather situation; check the wear of liner. For the serious worn liner, replace it timely; in general situation, iron ore mobile crusher needs a minor overhaul every half month.

Medium repair

Medium repair of iron ore mobile crusher includes all content of minor overhaul. Besides, users need to check the wear degree of bearing and liner in the medium repair. If these parts are worn to certain degree, they need to be replaced with new ones; check the operation of the electrical equipment and guarantee the normal operation of iron ore mobile crusher; the check cycle of medium repair is determined by the wear degree of lining board and driving sleeve. Generally, it is carried out every half year.

Big maintenance

Big maintenance includes all content in the medium repair. Big components of iron ore mobile crusher are checked and maintained in big maintenance, like mainframe, beam, medium frame, and so on. If users have regularly carried out the minor overhaul and medium repair as required, there will be no big problems in the big maintenance, and the big maintenance becomes very easy. Compared to minor overhaul and medium repair, the cycle of big maintenance is longer, which is general five years.

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