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How to Improve the Production Efficiency of Mobile Concrete Crusher

Mar 02 2015

Mobile concrete crusher is a kind of equipment used for crushing large size stones in to small particles. It is currently one of compared widely used concrete crushing machine. Mobile concrete crusher can be applied in metal, chemical, building material, railway, energy, and many other fields. For users, how to improve the production efficiency of mobile concrete crusher is the biggest problem faced by them. This article will introduce some suggestions about this problem.

Raw materials must be suitable.

Some users may use mobile concrete crusher to crush some raw materials that are not suitable to be crushed by it. Although these raw materials can be crushed by mobile concrete crusher, the crushing effect is poor, and the production efficiency is bad. What’s worse, the equipment may be damaged because of crushing unsuitable raw materials. So when users select raw materials for mobile concrete crusher, they must select them according to the crushing range of mobile concrete crusher, otherwise, the above problems may happen.

Raw materials can not have too many powders.

The composition of raw materials can affect the production efficiency of mobile concrete crusher too. If there are too many powders in the raw materials, they may bring clogging phenomena to mobile concrete crusher because powders are easy to attach on the equipment. For raw materials there are too many powders in them, users had better screen them before crushing them to ensure successful operation of the mobile concrete crusher.

The humidity of raw materials must be right.

Mobile concrete crusher has a certain requirement to the humidity of raw materials. Generally speaking, too wet materials are easy stick on the equipment, so they are more difficult to be crushed. Therefore, for too wet materials, users had better dry them before crushing them by mobile concrete crusher.

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