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Considerations of Primary Jaw Crusher for Long-term Storage

Mar 03 2015

Primary jaw crusher is a kind of compared widely used crushing equipment in mine crushing industry. The use of primary jaw crusher is seasonal. In the cold winter, there is a long period of time that primary jaw crusher is not used. The unused time will naturally have some effect on its performance. This paper will introduce you considerations of primary jaw crusher for long-term storage.

The choice of location for the long term storage

Primary jaw crusher that is not used for a long term is best stored in a dry room. If there are special circumstances that primary jaw crusher needs to be parked in an outdoor, you must select a flat which is covered with planks on the ground. Besides, after parking, cover it with a drop cloth and ensure the primary jaw crusher can not affect the arrangement and layout of any other machines.

Remove the battery

When primary jaw crusher is stored for a long time, its battery should be removed, placed in a dry and freeze-proofing place, and kept the surface clean and dry. Besides, conductive objects are forbidden to place on the battery. When the battery is disassembled, the negative cable should be disconnected first, and then the positive line, which is to prevent short circuit accident caused by the demolition.

The processing of the engine

For primary jaw crusher, before storage, cooling water in the engine must be dropped off and replaced by neutral engine oil which can not corrode metal parts. During the outages, its engine be started every month to let the equipment run for a short time. And at the same time, the new oil film in the lubricating part can be established to prevent rust.

Prevent rust

Before storing the primary jaw crusher, the fuel tank should be full filled with diesel. If conditions are allowed, preservatives should be added together to avoid fuel tank from rust. Besides, according to the anti-rust paint area of the outer surface, repaint it or repaint the whole machine. Paint butter on the exposed metal.

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