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Maintenance Points of pe Jaw Crusher

Mar 03 2015

For pe jaw crusher, maintenance is a very important work, which should interact with the operation and repair of the equipment to effectively reduce its failure rate and improve its efficiency. As far as the maintenance, apart from routine scrutiny, there are some points need to pay special attention in scheduled maintenance. Followings are maintenance points of pe jaw crusher.

1. Before starting, check the position bolts for loose and the host entry door whether it is fastened or no. If any of them are loose, reinforce them timely.

2. Check the lubrication of the parts needing to lubricate and ensure the lubricant of bearing clean, and well-oiled, and keep the lubricant of thrust plate link sufficient. Good lubrication can extend the life of pe jaw crusher in some extent.

3. When the pe jaw crusher runs, pay attention to all parts to see whether they work correctly or not. Besides, control the material inputs well. Do not overload. Any problems are found, stop the equipment and solve them before running again.

4. Regularly check links of pe jaw crusher, such as bolts, tires, and other parts that are easy to loosen. If you find any of them loose, reinforce them timely.

5. Pay attention to check the wear degree of wear parts. Timely replace the wear parts once find them.

6. Check the temperature of bearing and motor every 2 hours. The temperature of motor must not exceed 60 ℃. And the bearing temperature must not exceed 70 ℃,. If their temperature is too high, pe jaw crusher should be immediately stopped. Find the reasons to eliminate them before rerunning.

7. When pe jaw crusher runs normally, if there is impact sound in the rotary gear. The pe jaw crusher should be immediately stopped, and the fault must be eliminated.

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