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How to Improve the Production Efficiency of Electric Magnetic Separator?

Mar 07 2015

Electric magnetic separator, as the main equipment of magnetic separation technology, is widely used in mineral processing. If the operation of electric magnetic separator is incorrect, resources can not get effectively used, the production efficiency will decrease, and the selection effect will also be affected. How to improve the production efficiency of electric magnetic separator?

Adjust the position of damper

The damper of electric magnetic separator mainly refers to its front and rear tailing dampers. If the distance between dampers of electric magnetic separator is short, the lean magnetite ore can not be recovered effectively. However, if the distance between dampers of electric magnetic separator is long, gangue minerals can not be selected clearly, and then the grinding grade will be down, which is bad for grinding process. Operators should adjust the distance between dampers of electric magnetic separator according to the properties of ores to guarantee the recovery of dry concentrate.

Increase the bed flat feeder

The farther the distance of electric magnetic separator to the cylinder, the weaker the magnetic is. Therefore, if the material flow is too thick, the magnetic and non-magnetic particles can not separate, affecting the selection effect. Adding the bed flat feeder in front of electric magnetic separator can make full use of the width of the belt, so than the layer of material flow can be kept thin and even, ensuring the separation effect.

Adjust the height of plate

Material separated plate can indirectly influenced the separation effect of electric magnetic separator. If the material separated plate is too low, the lean magnetite ore can not be better recycled, decreasing the utilization of ore resource. While if the material separated plate is too high, gangue minerals can not thrown incompletely, affecting the selection effect. The height of plate must be right adjusted to guarantee the magneto effect.

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