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Suggestions to Reasonable Use of Limestone Mobile Crusher

Mar 13 2015

Limestone mobile crusher is a large mechanical crushing machine. Its operation is more difficult than the small crushing equipment’s. Thus, there are many matters needing to pay attention in the specific operation. In order to achieve good production results, here is our summary of the suggestions to reasonable use of limestone mobile crusher. I hope to help you!

1. When raw materials are fed to the limestone mobile crusher, the size of raw materials can not bigger than the size instructions provided. The specific requirement is that the size of raw material can not exceed 0.85 times of the feeding port.

2. Before limestone mobile crusher working in the actual production line, it must first empty run. If there is no problem, it can be used in the actual production.

3. The operation of limestone mobile crusher must be strictly in accordance with the provisions. Suring the work of limestone mobile crusher, staffs shall not put their hands into the crushing cavity to take bulk materials or other impurities.

4. Periodically check the lubrication of limestone mobile crusher, especially the bearing. Oil must be injected timely but can not be added too much at one time to avoid damage limestone mobile crusher.

5. Check the wearing parts of limestone mobile crusher. If the accessories are worn outage, limestone mobile crusher must be stopped timely for maintenance or replacement.

6. Do cleaning of limestone mobile crusher well. If there is too much dust in the crushing cavity or on other parts, it will make the damage of limestone mobile crusher faster. Thus, limestone mobile crusher needs to be cleaned on a regular basis.

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