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How to Magnetize Drum Magnetic Separator

Mar 13 2015

In the magnetization of drum magnetic separator, magnetic patches not magnetized or demagnetizming needs to be magnetized. How to magnetize drum magnetic separator? The magnetization methods generally have two ways: DC filling and pulse current magnetization ways.

DC magnetization

The magnetizing device is electro-magnets magnetizing machine. Before magnetizing, wash magnet surface with water. Then place the magnet in the gap of magnetizing machine’s iron core. Supply direct current for the field coil of drum magnetic separator. Shut off the current until the DC reaches its maximum value and keep stable 3~4S. At that time, the magnet has been magnetized. After magnetization for single magnets, the residual magnetic induction is low. But after magnetization for combination magnetic stack, the residual magnetic induction is higher. For this, single block magnet is magnetized first, and then the combination magnetic stack. The magnetic field strength of magnetizing machine should be 5~7 times the coercivity of magnet.

Pulse current magnetization

Filling device is a pulse current magnetization device. Pulse current magnetization device can replenish magnetism for magnetic stack. Pulse current magnetization device make magnetic coil create a strong magnetic field instantly though pulse current to magnetize the magnetic stack in the coil.

The magnetizing capacity of electro-magnets magnetizing machine is relatively low, but it is simple structure, easy operation, and low investment cost. It is suitable for small and medium sized drum magnetic separator. The magnetizing capacity of pulse current magnetization device is high, but it is complex, and high cost. It is suitable for large drum magnetic separator and the magnetic separator manufacturers.

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