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Common Types of Crushers for Pebble

Mar 14 2015

We can see that crushers for pebble are used for crushing pebbles from their names. In the actual production, how many kinds of crushers for pebble can be used for crushing pebble? Here I will introduce you some common types of crushers for pebble in details.

Jaw crushers for pebble

Jaw crushers for pebble are the most common used crushers for pebble. They have the advantages of big crushing ratio, strong production capacity, even product granularity, etc. Raw materials are crushed depending on the moving of the two jaws. Their operation and investment costs are low, so they are suitable for small and medium sized pebble crushing plants.

Impact crushers for pebble

Impact crushers for pebble play important roles in the sand making production line, especially for crushing pebbles. They have good characteristics of good crushing effect, cube, even size, simple structure, and so on. Impact crushers for pebble crush materials depending on the hammering of hammer and hit among materials.

Cone crushers for pebble

Cone crushers for pebble are essential equipment in the mining industry. The advantages of cone crushers for pebble are wide application, adjustable outlet size, and so on. The crushing chambers of cone crushers for pebble are more complex than other crushers’. But their crushing capacity is stronger too. They are very worth consumers to purchase.

Compound crushers for pebble

Compound crushers for pebble can coarse, medium, and fine crush pebbles and other stones. They are energy saving, which is widely known by the vast number of consumers. The working parts of compound crushers for pebble are their hammers, rotors, and impact plates. Hammers are installed on the rotors. Raw materials move between hammers and impact plates. They are hit and crushed by hammers and impact plates during the moving process. But, compound crushers for pebble are not suitable for large size mining industries.

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