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How to Adjust the Discharge of Portable Jaw Stone Crusher

Mar 18 2015

The discharging size of portable jaw stone crusher directly affects the quality of finished products. In the normal operation, there is often such phenomenon that material particle size is sometimes big and sometimes small. For this species situation, how to solve it? This paper will introduce you the adjusting methods of portable jaw stone crusher’s discharge port.

1. When adjust the outlet of portable jaw stone crusher, operator should firstly loosen bolts for tensioning the spring, and then adjust the screw rod above the adjustment blocks.

2. Then, rise or descend the adjustment blocks to adjust the adjustment seat. The adjustment seat can control the discharge size of movable jaw and fixed jaw though the toggle plate.

3. Movable jaw automatically presses out the gasket unit with the help of its own weight and the spring’s force, so that the adjustment seat can be close to the ear seat.

4. Adjust the preload of spring to ensure the toggle plate can tightly close to the knee pad when portable jaw stone crusher works.

5. Finally, lock the adjustment seat and gasket set.

The above five steps are the adjustment method of portable jaw stone crusher’s discharge size. Thus, when staff in the production process meets such problems, he can solve them according to the above steps. In addition, special attention is that hydraulic jacking machine is strictly prohibited to contact the adjustment seat.

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