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Inspections of Portable Ore Crusher Before Starting to Work

Mar 18 2015

Portable ore crusher must be inspected in all aspects before starting to work, the purpose of which is to avoid the security risks so that portable ore crusher’s normal production can be carried out. What needs to examine before turning on portable ore crusher? I suggest five aspects as follows:


Before starting to work, portable ore crusher should be checked the lubrication, like whether the lube is normal, and whether the lubricating oil is enough, and check the lubrication system blockage or leak oil.

Coupling fastening condition

Users should check the joined parts and bolts if they are loose and screws if they are fastened.

Crushing chamber

Before starting to work, the crushing chamber of the portable ore crusher must be keep clean. There must not be any non crushed ores and other materials in the crushing cavity.


Check the instrument of portable ore crusher and see whether it is in good condition, and whether it accurate. Ensure that the instrument can indicate correctly.

The tension of V-belt and spring

Before working, the tension of V-belt and spring must be checked. They should not be too tight or too loose. Their tension should be appropriate, so as to ensure the normal operation of portable ore crusher.

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