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The Operation Tips of Mobile Cone Crusher Plant

Mar 18 2015

With the spread of machinery industry in domestic and international markets, users of mobile cone crusher plant increase. In order to enable our customers to use the mobile cone crusher plant in a better way, the followings are the operation tips of mobile cone crusher plant. Hope can help you!

1. Feed materials in a even way. The crushing chamber can not be full of materials. And the large chunks of materials are non-breaking materials are forbidden to enter into the crushing cavity.

2. In order to ensure the continuously working of mobile cone crusher plant, the driving sequence should be in accordance with the regulation process.

3. Do not attempt to crush materials which are beyond the crushing capacity of mobile cone crusher plant, because cleaning the non crushed materials is a waste of time. Try to reduce the amount of processing materials at a time.

4. Regularly check the wear and tear of parts, the tighten state of bolts, and the tension of springs. I f any problems are found, mobile cone crusher plant should be stopped in time.

5. The bearings temperature of mobile cone crusher plant is too high. It is often due to the lack of lubricant, or the entrance of dirt materials. So lubricant should be added timely and maintence should be done regularly.

6. To ensure the personal safety of workers at work, workers should wear work clothes, and safety helmets when they are at production sites. They are forbidden to stand too close to the mobile cone crusher plant avoid hurting by bulk popping materials.

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