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The Magnetic System of Permanent Magnetic Roll Separator

Mar 18 2015

The magnetic system of permanent magnetic roll separator determines the performance of the whole equipment. And the strength of the magnetic system affects the working efficiency of the equipment. This article will introduce you the magnetic system of permanent magnetic roll separator in details.

Magnetic system introduction:

The magnetic field of permanent magnetic roll separator is produced by the magnetic system. Magnetic system includes of open magnetic system and closed magnetic system. Open magnetic system is that the magnetic pole is border upon. Its magnetic field strength is not high, so it is mainly used in weak magnetic separator. The magnetic pole of closed magnetic system is opposite. The magnetic field strength of this kind of magnetic system is strong. So strong magnetic field permanent magnetic roll separator adopts closed magnetic system to select weak magnetic minerals.

The design principles of magnetic system:

1. The absolute value of magnetic flux density should be taken the maximum value as possible as it can for permanent magnetic roll separator.

2. The radial component of magnetic should be as large as possible, while the tangential component should minimize.

3. At the same time, the magnetic field should be ensured its enough depth.

4. On the promise of the above conditions, permanent magnetic roll separator can uses multipole to improve concentrate grade.

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