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The Complete Maintenance of Coarse Jaw Crusher

Mar 20 2015

In order to improve the efficiency of coarse jaw crusher and prolong its useful life, reasonable care and maintenance of coarse jaw crusher is essential. Here is the complete maintenance of coarse jaw crusher summarized by our crusher experts.


During the using of coarse jaw crusher, inspection of coarse jaw crusher should be regularly or irregularly carried out, especially the easy wearing parts like jaw, triangle, lever and other components. Find the components needing to maintain in time to avoid more serious damage.


During the working process of coarse jaw crusher, pay attention to its timely lubrication, especially all the friction surfaces to ensure the long-term normal operation of coarse jaw crusher. Our experts suggest customers had better to exchange lubricant every quarter, at the same time, thoroughly clean the bearing before exchanging lubricant. Practice shows that frequent attention of the lubrication can ensure the normal operation of coarse jaw crusher and prolong the service life of coarse jaw crusher.


In the use of coarse jaw crusher, promptly check the wear of its parts, like the gear, fixation screws, wedge plate, etc. If find any problems, repair them or replace them with new ones. If the spring tension is found not enough, it should be replaced in time. If the saddle pad is found worn or loose, fasten it or replace it. Timely inspection and repair can prolong service life of coarse jaw crusher.


In the daily use of coarse jaw crusher, it is inevitably stained with grease and dirt which are formed by saponified oil, impurities and dirt. So when coarse jaw crusher is cleaned, choosing right cleaning solution is very important. There are two ways for the cleaning of coarse jaw crusher: (manual cleaning and mechanical cleaning. The manual cleaning includes scrubbing and spraying two ways, and the mechanical cleaning includes boiling, vibrating, and ultrasonic cleaning three ways.

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