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The Common Malfunctions and Solutions of Fine Raymond Mill

Mar 20 2015

Fine Raymond mill is characterized by high efficiency, low energy consumption, small footprint, less investment, no pollution, etc. It is widely used in many industries like metallurgical, building materials, chemical, mine, and other industries for grinding raw materials into powders. Fine Raymond mill is suitable for processing raw materials whose Mo's hardness not more than seven level. The products size of fine Raymond mill is generally in 0.613 mm-0.44 mm. During the use of fine Raymond mill, it is inevitable to have some malfunctions in malfunctions. Through summary and analysis, below are the malfunctions and solutions of fine Raymond mill.

1. Malfunction: loud noise and serious vibration

Solution:Reasons for the above phenomena are: the quantity of feed is small, which is because that the shovel is too worn to rise materials up; there is no material layer; and the grinding roll is worn seriously and not round more. For this malfunction, the quantity of feed should be adjusted; the shovel of fine Raymond mill needs to be replaced; the inlet particle size should be adjusted; or the worn grinding roller or ring needs to be replaced.

2. Malfunction: the products are not uniform

Solution:This is caused by the wear of fine Raymond mill’s blade. The analyzer can not play its role of grading. If the powder is too coarse, turn down the fun and let less wind to blow in. If the powder is too fine, the fun needs to be turn up so that lot of wind can be blew into.

3. Malfunction: the bearing is damaged because of powder entering into the grinding roller.

Solutions: This is caused by the shortage of lubricant, the damage of the sealing ring, or the shortage of maintenance. User should add lubricant, clean the equipment, and replace the sealing ring in time.

4. Malfunction: the fan of fine Raymond mill vibrates.

Solutions: This is caused by that there are many powder on the fun, the fun is unevenly worn, or bolts are loose. For this phenomenon, users should clean the fun, replace the fun’s blades, and tighten the loose bolts.

5. Malfunction: fine Raymond mill can not produce powder or produces powder too less.

Solutions: This is because that the powder lock device is not adjusted well, the sealing is not good, the powder is sucked back, or the scraper knife is worn too seriously to rise materials up. At this moment, user should inspect and adjust the powder lock device, and ensure the good sealing of the equipment. And replace the serious worn scraper knife.

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