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Steps of Ensuring the Safe Operation of Dry Magnetic Separation

Mar 21 2015

Safety production is not a new topic for society, enterprises, and individuals, especially for dry magnetic separation operators. They should put safety first, because this is not only related to the enterprise's economic benefit but also relations personal safety. The in the use of dry magnetic separation, how to ensure the safe operation of dry magnetic separation? Here are steps of ensuring the safe operation of dry magnetic separation.

1. Dry magnetic separation must always remain dry and clean. During the daily operation, prevent water spillage on the dry magnetic separation, the purpose of which is to prevent the device electrically conductive, causing accidents.

2. Staff should operate dry magnetic separation strictly in accordance with operational requirements, without changing the excitation current. They shall not violate other safety and operating matters.

3. During the work of dry magnetic separation, iron or other magnetic conductors are strictly prohibited to contact with the turntable and magnetic pole of dry magnetic separation.

4. After turning on the dry magnetic separation, operators should feed water at first and then raw materials. When shut down the dry magnetic separation, stop giving raw materials and then water. The operation order can not be disobeyed to avoid accidences.

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