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What Causes the Frame of Pex Jaw Crusher Jumping?

Mar 23 2015

Frame is the basis of pex jaw crusher. It plays an important role in the normal operation of pex jaw crusher and has a decisive influence on the production capacity of pex jaw crusher. During the work of the pex jaw crusher, if the frame jumps or vibrates seriously, the production efficiency of pex jaw crusher will be directly affected. What causes the frame of pex jaw crusher jumping? Here are some reasons for the jumping of pex jaw crusher.

The anchor bolts are loose or broken.

Pex jaw crusher is installed in concrete with the anchor bolts. Since ex jaw crusher has a long time of fast-running, the anchor bolts are easy to be loose or broken. If the anchor bolts are loose or broken, the frame of pex jaw crusher will seriously jump. For this problem, if it is caused by the loose anchor bolts, then only tightening them is ok. But if it is caused by the broken anchor bolts, operators should replace them with new ones.

The fly sheave is off tracking.

The fly sheave is the power transmission parts for the pex jaw crusher. if the fly sheave is off tracking during work, the frame of pex jaw crusher will jump. When the vibration of the frame is seriously, it will cause safety accidents. When operators find the fly sheave off tracking, they must remove the cover of the fly sheave, adjust the position of the fly sheave, and then lock the bolts used for fixing the position of fly sheave.

The host based is not fixed tightly.

When install pex jaw crusher, some operators do not put a layer of rubber or sleeper between the pex jaw crusher and ground for saving time. This will result in the insecure installation of pex jaw crusher. When the equipment works, its frame will jump. In order to avoid this vibration, operators should stop the equipment and add a layer of rubber or sleeper between the pex jaw crusher and ground.

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