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Improvement Measures of Stone Mini Jaw Crusher’s Jaw Plate

Mar 23 2015

Stone mini jaw crusher is widely applied in mine, metallurgical, building materials, highway, railway, chemical, and other industries for crushing various ores and chunks of materials. Jaw plate is the main working parts of stone mini jaw crusher. The wearing of jaw plate is quick, and the replacement of jaw plate is frequent, which is a waste of time and costs. In order to prolong the service life of the stone mini jaw crusher, its jaw plates need to be improved. Here are some improvement measures of stone mini jaw crusher’s jaw plate.

Improve materials used for making the jaw plate

The jaw plate of stone mini jaw crusher is usually made of white mouth cast iron. However the white mouth cast iron is crisp, easy broken and shoot life. In order to improve the using life of jaw plate, we can use MN steel material with above 12% MN to make it. The MN steel jaw plate can be constantly strengthened under the pressure. Therefore, the MN steel jaw plate is constantly worn and strengthened in the work until it is too worn to work.

Reasonably design the structure of the jaw plate

During the work of stone mini jaw crusher, the wear of jaw plate is uneven. Generally its lower part is worn heavier than its upper part, so we can make the jaw plate with two symmetrical parts. When the low part of jaw plate is worn, we can upside down and reuse it, thus enhancing the economic applicability.

Using spring as the locking and vibration attenuation device

Tighten this device with bolts on nuts. When the spring is compressed to a certain extent by nuts, it will produce a feeling of vibration-proof effect. After the bolt loose power caused by the crushing force is automatically compensated by the tensioning force produced by the spring device, bolts will not be easy to loose, which can prolong the life of jaw plate and the stone mini jaw crusher.

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