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The Selection Criteria of Bucket Jaw Crusher’s Lubrication

Mar 23 2015

Lubricant has a big influence on the performance of bucket jaw crusher. Once the selection of lubricant is incorrect, the failure rate of bucket jaw crusher will increase, inducing the early wear of the bucket jaw crusher. Thus, this paper will give customers a lesson around the selection criteria of bucket jaw crusher’s lubrication.

Select lubricant based on seasons.

In the cold winter, the temperature is low, so the lubricant is easy to thicken. In the hot summer, the temperature is high, so the lubricant is thinning. For these, lubricant of bucket jaw crusher should be selected on the basis of seasons. In addition, if the bucket jaw crusher is used the place where the temperature changes a lot, it should use lubricant with good viscosity-temperature.


Anti-emulsification refers to the separation ability of lubricant when it is mixed with water. If bucket jaw crusher needs to work in the wet environment, the anti-emulsification of its lubricant should be high so as to ensure the normal crushing operation.

The working intensity of bucket jaw crusher

If the working intensity of bucket jaw crusher is big, its lubricant should relatively high viscosity, good impact resistance, and good adhesion. Only this can avoid the big impact force of bucket jaw crusher affecting the using life and effect of lubricant.

Lubrication places

Different places of bucket jaw crusher have different requirements to the viscosity and species of lubricants, so the selection of lubricant should refer to the lubrication places.

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