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How to Purchase Suiatble Jaw Plates for Quartzite Jaw Crusher

Mar 23 2015

Quartzite jaw crusher is mainly used for crushing quartzite and other stones. we know the hardness of stones is high, so the jaw plates of quartzite jaw crusher will be worn or broken after using for a period of time. Frequently replacement of jaw plates will affect the normal work of quartzite jaw crusher and increase the investment cost for the whole production line. Therefore, users must purchase good quality jaw plate to avoid it premature attrition. This article will give you detailed analysis of how to purchase suitable jaw plates for quartzite jaw crusher.

Analysis form materials made of the jaw plate

1. The hardness of the jaw plate: since the hardness of rock is very high, so the hardness of the jaw plate must be harder than the rocks’. So when purchase jaw plate for quartzite jaw crusher, customers should select jaw plate with relatively high hardness.

2. The toughness of the jaw plate: under the condition of certain hardness, increasing the toughness of the jaw plate will not only increase the wear resistance of the jaw plate but also improve its impact resistance.

Analysis form the shape and size of the jaw plate

1. The size of the jaw plate: there are two factors determine the size of the jaw plate. One is the force bearing of movable jaw, and the other it the manufacture and appearance of the movable jaw. The first factor is the basis determining the hardness and stiffness of jaw plate and the second factor determines the structure of jaw plate.

2. The shape of the jaw plate: since the jaw plate is easy to wear because of fiction and crushing force form raw materials. In order to protect the jaw plate, we generally install a layer of liner on the surface of the jaw plate, which is called crushing liner. The shape of the crushing liner is tooth shape, which means that there are many teeth on the surface of the crushing liner. The tooth size is determined by the nature of processed materials. When the quartzite jaw crusher is used for crushing large size materials, the angle of teeth should be big, while it is used for crushing small size materials, the angle of teeth can be relatively small.

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