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The Maintenance of Hopper Jaw Stone Crusher’s Main Components

Mar 23 2015

The working condition of hopper jaw stone crusher is very poor and the hardness of its raw materials is very high, which leads to the easy wearing of hopper jaw stone crusher’s main components, increasing the investment costs. Thus, the maintenance is very important to hopper jaw stone crusher. This paper will give you a specific introduction around the maintenance of hopper jaw stone crusher’s main components. Hope can help you!

Maintenance of the jaw plate

Rocks, before crushing, should be inspected at firstly to find foreign materials and hard rocks. F foreign materials and hard rocks must be separated out. During the operation, if you find the characteristics of the raw materials different, you shot reset the main parameters of hopper jaw stone crusher to make the equipment more suitable to the raw materials, so that the jaw plates of main parameter can avoid being worn seriously. In addition, frequently inspect the installation solidity of hopper jaw stone crusher.

Maintenance of the bearing

In order to make the bearing of hopper jaw stone crusher play its long-term performance, operators should regularly check the wear and deformation of the bearing. Repair the light worn bearing and replace the heavy bearing in time. In addition, do the lubrication of the bearing well and ensure the lubricant clean, so that we can ensure the lubrication of bearing effective.

Maintenance of the toggle plate

Toggle plate is an easy wearing part of hopper jaw stone crusher. It is also a most frequently damaged part of hopper jaw stone crusher. during the operation of hopper jaw stone crusher, toggle plate is easy to run off tracking, which leads to the friction of the toggle plate and the liner and results in the fast wearing of the two parts. Therefore, in the daily working of hopper jaw stone crusher, operators should frequently check the working state of the toggle plate. If it is off tracking, stop the equipment and adjust it back to avoid further damage to the bracket.

Maintenance of the V-belt

During the working process of hopper jaw stone crusher, its v-belt is easy to loosen, fall down, and break. For these phenomena, operators should check the working state of the v-belt frequently. Stop running and adjust it back in time when find any problems. Besides, operate the hopper jaw stone crusher in accordance with the technical requirements for manual, overload of must be avoid. When hopper jaw stone crusher is not used for a long time, its v-belt should be removed and kept separately. Do not store it at anyplace.

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