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The Working Principle of Mobile Limestone Crusher

Mar 24 2015

Mobile limestone crusher is manufactured with the most advanced technology. It is widely used for crushing metal and non-metallic ores in industries like building materials, artificial sands, metallurgical slag, and other stone processing plants. Mobile limestone crusher is characterized by high efficiency, large production capacity, energy saving, environment protection, etc. How does the mobile limestone crusher work? What working principle does mobile limestone crusher use? This paper will introduce you the working principle of mobile limestone crusher.

1. Processed ores fall on the turntable directly. The turntable rotates at a speed of 1400-3600r/min. ores on the turntable are thrown away due to centrifugal force as bullets. When they are thrown away, they meet and hit with other falling ores, forming the “stone hit stone” phenomenon.

2. Ores and ores are hit, crushed, and grinded because of quick speed. The inner wall of the mobile limestone crusher rotates with a certain speed. There is a layer of materials which is parabolic and close to the inner wall. So there is no friction between ores and the inner wall.

3. Big size stones after hitting by them themselves become small size ores. They make twice recycling circular motion between chassis and the turntable, so that they can be hit and crushed many times. They become smaller and smaller during the motion and at last form a constant cloud of suspended particles which make rotary, impact and other forms of sports in the crushing chamber of mobile limestone crusher.

4. The rotary stones keep such moving state for 5-20s and then fall off the crushing chamber because of their own gravity. At last they fly out though the three discharging holes on the turntable. Then the crushing operation is completed.

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