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What Requirements Does the Movable Rock Crusher Have for No-load Test?

Mar 24 2015

After movable rock crusher installation, it can not directly used for production. it must be gone through a trial run test. It can be used for production only the test is qualified. What requirements does the movable rock crusher have for no-load test? I will explain it in detail in the following parts.

First of all, the no-load testing of movable rock crusher has very strict requirements for operators. The operators must understand the equipment very well and know how to identify the fault and repair it. Besides, the operators must handle the relevant knowledge. They must have been trained and gotten qualified working certification. I reminder you that any operators without training posts is strictly prohibited.

Secondly, before no-load testing, movable rock crusher must be inspected. Firstly check the body if it is perpendicular to the ground. Then check the door of the host if it has tight shutoff and all bolts if they are fixed and not loose. Secondly, check the switch and power cord of movable rock crusher and see if they match the power supplied. At last, check the lubrication of bearing.

Finally, When the movable rock crusher is no-load tested, it must continuously run for 2 hours. Its bearing temperature difference should not exceed 30 degrees centigrade. The running of flywheels must be smooth. There should not be any abnormal noise. And there should not be abrasions, shavings and grinding phenomenon among the rubbing parts. After no-load testing, check all fasteners of movable rock crusher and ensure they are secure.

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