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Why Does the Yield of Movable Stone Crusher Decline?

Mar 24 2015

Strong production ability and high yield are the goals that movable stone crusher users are continuing to pursue. In the day-to-day operations, how can we ensure the output stability of movable stone crusher? Then the first question we should know is that why the yield of movable stone crusher declines? Find the reasons and fundamentally eliminate them occurrence. This article will focus on analysis of causes of the yield decline of movable stone crusher.

Caused by raw materials:

1. The hardness and toughness of raw materials are beyond the limit crushing material scope prescribed in the instruction manual.

2. The moisture of materials fed into the crushing cavity is too much. Their viscosity is high, which is bad for the discharge of products and results in the yield decline of movable stone crusher.

3. The material feeding is uneven, sometimes too fast and sometimes too slow, so that sometimes raw materials in the crushing chamber can not be crushed in time, and sometimes there is no enough raw materials in the crushing chamber of movable stone crusher.

Caused by problems of motor or voltage

1. The position of motor wiring is reverse, which leads to the inversion of the movable stone crusher. Or the delta connection of motor is changed to star connection.

2. The electric is instability at the workplace, which leads to the motor power is not up to the required driving power.

Caused by faults of its components

1. The bearing of movable stone crusher is worn seriously. The lubrication is not in place. All these can lead to the slow rotation of bearing, resulting in yield decline.

2. Bolts or fasteners of movable stone crusher are loose, leading to the abnormal working of movable stone crusher.

Caused by wrong operation

1. The operating procedures of movable stone crusher is in accordance with the requirement.

2. Other operations in violation of regulations.

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