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The Correct Installation of High-strength Raymond Mill

Mar 28 2015

High-strength Raymond mill is usually used for fine grinding more than 300 kinds of non-flammable materials with Humaud hardness not greater than magnitude 7, and humidity under 6% in chemical, construction and other industries. High-strength Raymond mill is characterized by high efficiency, low energy consumption, small footprint, no pollution, etc. It is the best equipment for grinding blocks of materials into powders and is favored by consumers. In addition, the correct installation of high-strength Raymond mill can help to improve the operation efficiency and reduce the maintenance time. Here is the correct installation of high-strength Raymond mill.

1. Before the installation of high-strength Raymond mill, build the basis of high-strength Raymond mill strictly in accordance with the diagram size requirements. Pay attention to reserved size and relative location of bolt holes. The foundation of high-strength Raymond mill must be built with reinforcement cage.

2. When install the high-strength Raymond mill, firstly hang the high-strength Raymond mill up, put shock-absorbing pads on the installation position and then put the high-strength Raymond mill in the installation position. At last, take the bolts on and level the equipment with gradienter. After that, tighten the bolt step by step until they are are tightened.

3. Join all pipes of the high-strength Raymond mill. Cut and weld the local scenes that are not suitable to ensure the good sealing effect of pipes.

4. Select appropriate wire roads according to the circuit diagram. Connect the control cabinet and wiring together. Pay attention the rotary direction of the motor to prevent its reverse operation. The wire routing must be safe and reliable. Fix the cable up with steel tube or clip. The cable is connected the control cabinet though the cable trench. In addition, each device must be reliably and securely grounded. And remember to use the electric safely.

5. Add grease or lubricating oil to each place needing to be lubricated. Check the tightness of belt and properly adjust it though the tensioning devices. The high-strength Raymond mill can be tested after each component being well installed.

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