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The Routine Maintenance of Energy-saving Raymond Mill

Mar 28 2015

Energy-saving Raymond mill is a kind of grinding equipment used in mining industry, cement factories and chemical plants. It is made up of the host, fan, analyzer and the pipe dust removing system. Energy-saving Raymond mill is stable performance, adaptability, energy saving and environmental protection. It is an important machine in the non-metallic minerals deep processing line. The routine maintenance of energy-saving Raymond mill can not only prolong the service life the equipment but also improve the working efficiency of it. This paper will give you a specific introduction around the routine maintenance of energy-saving Raymond mill.

1. Before operation, users of energy-saving Raymond mill must be technically trained to understand the principle and operation of energy-saving Raymond mill.

2. After a period of use, energy-saving Raymond mill should be inspected. Inspect and replace the easy wearing part grinding roll of energy-saving Raymond mill. Before, working, check the connecting bolts and nuts of the grinding roll too see whether they are loose or not. In addition, check the lubrication and see whether the grease and oil is enough or not.

3. The maximum bearing temperature rising value can not exceed70 ℃. When the bearing is found too hot, it should be taken apart and cleaned. Except for bearing, the accessories installed in the bearing room should also be cleaned.

4. Metal blocks are strictly prohibited to enter into the energy-saving Raymond mill. If users find them, shut down the energy-saving Raymond mill immediately otherwise they will damage the grinding roller and grinding ring of the energy-saving Raymond mill.

5. When shut down the energy-saving Raymond mill, firstly stop feeding and power off until rest materials in the energy-saving Raymond mill are discharged out. The fan can be stopped after other device having been stopped to blow powder residue clearly.

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