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Can Slurry Density Affect the Work of the Suspension Magnetic Separator?

Mar 28 2015

The separation effect of the suspension magnetic separator is affected by various factors. Slurry density belongs to one of them. How does slurry density affect the work of the suspension magnetic separator? How to reduce the bad influence? This article will discuss these two questions in detail.

The separation effect affected by slurry density

Slurry density is one of the main factors influencing the separation effect of the suspension magnetic separator. If the slurry density is too big, the concentration will be too high, which will influence the quality of the concentrate seriously. Because the concentrate particles are easily covered with finer gangue particles and can not be separated clearly at this situation, the quality of concentrate can not be ensured. If the slurry density is too big, which means the concentration is too high, the flowing speed of slurry will be increased and the separating time will be declined, so some tiny magnetic particles should have the opportunity to stay but flow out as tailings, resulting in the loss.

The adjustment of slurry density

For the above reason, the slurry density of the suspension magnetic separator must be carefully controlled. The slurry density is mainly adjusted by the blowing water which is set at the entrance of slurry. The maximum slurry concentration is 35%. Generally the best slurry concentration is 3o%. It depends on the actual situation. For coarse minerals, as long as the minerals can separate with gangue, the slurry concentration is ok.

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