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The V-belt Protection Measures of Big Jaw Crusher

Mar 31 2015

The correct operation of components is very important to the performance of big jaw crusher, so users should pay much attention to it in the working process of big jaw crusher. Here are the v-belt protection measures of big jaw crusher. Hope can help you!

1. Frequently inspect the tensioning condition of v-belt.

During the first few new days of commissioning, the tensioning condition of v-belt should be frequently checked. When users find the v-belt of big jaw crusher having been fallen into the pulley groove, they must adjust the tensioning condition of v-belt immediately. Since new v-belt has a certain amount of initial expansion, it requires additional tensioning.

2. The v-belt of big jaw crusher can not be too tension.

Excessive tension shortens the service life of both v-belt and the bearing of big jaw crusher. Keep the even tension of v-belt. When it does not work, the tension of v-belt should be suitable or slightly tight. When the big jaw crusher works, its loose side will slightly droop.

3. Keep the driving device ventilation.

Since the temperature of v-belt exceeds 60 degrees Celsius (140 degrees), the service life of v-belt will be short. There should be adequate air around the cover of the v-belt. The ideal protective covers are orifice plate or expanded metal mesh.

4. V-belt cannot be stained with grease.

Excess grease can cause the expansion of v-belt, resulting in the premature failure of it.

5. Make comprehensive inspection of the v-belts periodically.

Following points should be inspected in the each inspection: if the speed of big jaw crusher is too slow, inspect the tension degree of v-belt; if the elongation range of v-belt is not equal, inspect the whether there are internal cracks in the v-belt or not; If the v-belt is excessive elongation, check whether the big jaw crusher is overload or not; if the belt is softened or swelled, check whether there is oil or grease on the v-belt or not; if the v-belt becomes hardened or broken, check whether it is too hot or not.

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